Brave Talks

What is Brave Talks?

Brave Talks is an informal, facilitated gathering of a small group of community members, where they develop and deepen their understanding of structural racism and its impact on the health of our community. It's an opportunity to advance the movement of Community Grand Rounds, share thoughts and impressions, bravely ask questions, be exposed to new ideas, unlearn, and learn from and teach one another.

“This information was completely new to me! I came in with almost no knowledge on the relationship between racism and health before Brave Talks.”
- Brave Talks participant

Why get involved in Brave Talks?

Become involved because you are curious and interested in what you might learn and what you could do to make a difference to drive change that improves the health of everyone in your community. We understand that talking about subjects such as racism can be uncomfortable and exhausting, yet these risks can reap incredible rewards that include positive change and improved health outcomes for all.


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