Laying the Foundation for Health Equity

2021 Health Equity Evaluation: Laying the Foundation

In 2020 the Spectrum Health board of directors approved a $1 million award from the health equity endowment and directed the team to use 2021 to lay the foundation for health equity into the future. The 2021 Health Equity Evaluation report is intended to provide a comprehensive review of the progress made by Spectrum Health Lakeland (SHL) on its health equity work. It tells the story of this work, raises questions about what has taken place, what might be considered in the future, and provides an analysis of what we’ve seen based on the evidence available to us.

This report highlights the breadth of work being done in alignment with health equity at SHL. The process of compiling, analyzing, and writing about the information and evidence we have available to us has also exposed gaps in our own knowledge and provides insight into the work. Given this is the first report of its kind at SHL, it is a learning opportunity, and our approach will continue to evolve.

To read the 2021 Health Equity Evaluation Report Executive Summary, click here.


Trust Metrics Brief

Research indicates that there is a lack of trust between community members and the health system. This lack of trust is associated with negative health outcomes. In order to create positive health outcomes, our population health team will continue to collaborate with the community to measure trust that will inform our decisions for the future.