Matters of the Heart

In Berrien County, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death, especially for non-Hispanic Blacks.

Business owner and provider

Matters of the Heart is a short film that shows how Black-owned businesses and health providers can come together to discuss the health issues that exist within the community like hypertension and share the work already being done to improve the health of individuals.

Click below to watch Willie Lawrence, MD, an interventional cardiologist, the medical director for health equity at Corewell Health in Southwest Michigan and the medical director for the City of Benton Harbor have a conversation with the owner of Souls Ground Café, chef Audrey “Audy” Peeples. As a recovering triple bypass patient, chef Audy understands how traditional soul food recipes passed down through generations can contribute to health issues and the importance of having access to healthy food options. Her restaurant is a place for all community members to “break bread” to what are culturally respected meals that feed the soul and also include ingredients that prevent high blood pressure.