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  • Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

    Push Past a Weight-Loss Plateau

    If you want to lose weight successfully, slow and steady progress is your best bet. Experts recommend aiming to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week for the first 6 months. Once you’ve made it that far, continuing to your final goal may seem like a snap.

  • The Not-so-Sweet Side of Sugar

    The Not-so-Sweet Side of Sugar

    Strawberries and winter squash are natural sources of sugar that not only taste good but provide important nutrients like fiber and disease-fighting antioxidants.

  • ‘What’s Causing My Pelvic Pain?’

    ‘What’s Causing My Pelvic Pain?’

    Pelvic pain is a common problem for women. It’s a general term for pain that occurs below the belly button. That includes pain in the lower belly, lower back, buttocks, and genital area. About 14% of women in the U.S. have pelvic pain lasting for at least three to six months. Many others experience it occasionally.

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Fever in Children

When your child has a fever, the body resets its thermostat at a higher temperature. This helps the body fight off invading microorganisms.


Calcium Quiz

True or false: If you don't get enough calcium in your diet, your body will take the calcium it needs from your bones.


Arthritis of the Spine

Arthritis in the lower back and pelvic area can cause pain and loss of motion. See how this arthritis develops, who's at risk, and what treatments can help.

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