Resources for Adults

woman readingResources for Adults

The Uniqueness of Each Grief Journey [PDF] - A guide to help recognize the personal nature of grief as well as how to best support someone through it.

Child and Teen Developmental Grief Response Chart [PDF] - How various ages respond to grief, what to expect, and how to help.

Creating Memories [PDF] - Memories are the vital link with our past and the fuel for our future. It is important to build memories with care.

Developing A New Self Identity [PDF] - Your personal identity, or self-perception, is the result of the ongoing process of establishing a sense of who you are.  Part of your self-identity comes from the relationships you have with other people. When someone with whom you have a relationship dies, your self-identity, or the way you see yourself, naturally changes.

What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

Prenatal/Stillbirth Death

Bereaved Parents Wish List [PDF] - A compilation of things bereaved parents wish others knew about grief.

Suicide http:// Loss Support

Survivors Bill of Rights [PDF] - For those who have had someone die by suicide this resource gives them permission to grieve in their own unique way.

Coping with Suicide Loss [PDF] - To lose someone to suicide is complex and confusing, this article can offer strategies to assist in coping day to day.

Our Nations Youth And Suicide
Purdue University Global has published a youth suicide resource titled ”Our Nation's Young and Suicide” published by Lisa Wright, PT, Ph.D., a professor in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. This resource provides detailed information on risk factors and warnings in regard to suicide prevention strategies. Also included in the resource are warning signs that educators can be aware of in a classroom setting.

Useful Online Articles

What You Can Do For a Person Who is Bereaved

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