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Every year Lory’s Place, is fortunate to be invited into the lives and stories of our friends and neighbors throughout Southwest Michigan. Those we serve truly become part of our extended family. And though we are at a unique time in our history, our love and care does not stop. This year, more than ever, we need your financial support to continue providing essential help and local services to our neighbors and friends in need. 

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Eva and SadieLory’s Place is a place where you talk about your feelings about the ones who died in your life, like our nana. You get to color and do crafts and it is a safe place. It is helpful for us because it helps us to talk about our feelings about our nana. It helps us to talk about stuff that we want to talk about in a safe place. There’s a saying that they have at Lory’s Place, “what’s said in there, stays.”

~Eva & Sadie Olson


Ronnika WilliamsMy name is Ronnika Williams, I was born and raised in the city of Benton Harbor. I was introduced to Lory’s Place through a partnership with the Boys and Girls Club. Anyone that knows me, knows that I suffered the death of my father seven years ago. It was very hard for me to talk about what it was like losing him, so being in a circle with the teens and facilitators of Lory’s Place, I became more comfortable sharing stories with my family and peers. I found comfort in telling others stories about my dad and listening to theirs. Lory’s Place is important for our community because it’s not very easy to talk about grief, especially in the Black community–there is a stigma associated with mental health and the need to open up about feelings. Grief is universal and we need ways to express our deep sorrow. Lory’s Place has done a great job reaching out to areas that have not felt comfortable reaching out on their own. Lory’s Place is here for us and there to walk with us during our journey.

~Ronnika Williams

Al MussmanMy name is Al, I am a board member, facilitator, and donor. I wish Lory’s Place had existed in our town when my wife died, for the sake of our 12 and 14-year old sons. I choose to give back for three reasons:

  1. They know I can do the grief work to lighten my load of loss, even to the point of only carrying what can actually sustain me in my journey.
  2. They know that hurt people, hurt people.
  3. They know that we are never alone, and they prove it with their presence.

Help Lory’s Place continue to be there when other sons and daughters, parents and friends, and brothers and sisters, endure a loss in their lives.

~Al Mussman

Your generosity can make a difference.