Resources for Children

kids readingResources for Children

Child and Teen Developmental Grief Response Chart [PDF]  - How various ages respond to grief, what to expect, and how to help

The Grief of Children [PDF] - The grief response in children and ways to discuss death.

Play is My Work [PDF] - How Adults Can Support Children

My Grief Rights [PDF] - This “bill of rights” for grieving children is intended to empower them to help themselves heal—and to help direct the adults in their lives to be supportive as well.

Tasks in Children's Words [PDF] - Grief is a journey and an ever fluid process. The following is what we strive to facilitate with our participants as they do the hard work of grieving.

Letting Children Share in Grief - Read a great article in the NY Times.

Ages and Stages [PDF]

Sheryl Sandberg: How to Build Resilient Kids, Even After a Loss

Sesame Street Grief Toolkit

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