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Child and Teen Developmental Grief Response Chart (PDF)
How various ages respond to grief, what to expect, and how to help

About Childhood Grief (PDF)
It is important to note that grief reactions in children are varied, wide ranging and unique to each individual. The following suggestions will help guide you as you seek to provide understanding and compassion to children living with grief.

Explaining Death to a Child (PDF)
Help with concrete answers to children’s questions of what happens to our bodies when death occurs

Explaining Suicide to Children (PDF)
The following guidelines are intended for families who may not be directly affected by a suicide, but who wish to talk about this subject with their child.

Talking to Children about Dying (PDF)
Children deserve honest answers about death, but as adults, we get worried about saying the wrong thing.  Here are some ideas on how to approach the subject

Sesame Street Grief Toolkit

10 Ways to Help a Grieving Child(PDF)
A list of ten ways you, as a caring adult, can help a grieving child who is in your life

New York Life Booklet (PDF)
A booklet for adults, published by New York Life Foundation, on how to be supportive to a child after someone important in their life dies

Should Your Child Attend the Funeral or Memorial Service (PDF)
There is no quick or easy answer when deciding if a child should attend a funeral or memorial service, These are four helpful ways to assist you in determining the best answer for your child and your family.

Age Related Reactions to Traumatic Events(PDF)

Talking to Children When Scary Things Happen(PDF)

Resources specific to children

  • Wheeler Creative Studios has a cartoon that can help to alleviate fear, as well as equip kids who worry that violence may enter their school. There is a great conversation card to facilitate dialogue between kids and their adults. We encourage you to watch together. Click here.
  • Creative Art Expression resource: Art can be a beneficial way for children/teens to process any emotions they may be experiencing. This resource will help adults provide a safe space for this type of expression. Download PDF, click here..
  • Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Stress: Young people are experiencing many different feelings surrounding what is happening in our world, increasing anxiety levels to an all time high. This resource will offer some good thoughts for adults to help kids find some calm.Download PDF, click here.