teens in forest high fiveResources for Teens

My Teen Grief Rights [PDF] - This “bill of rights” for grieving teens is intended to empower them to help themselves heal.

Child and Teen Developmental Grief Response Chart [PDF] - How various ages respond to grief, what to expect, and how to help.

How Can I Handle My Feelings (PDF)
Death is scary. Many thoughts pass through people’s minds when they are grieving. These thoughts often trigger strong feelings.  Understanding these feelings will help you heal.

How to Help a Grieving Teen (PDF)
Some helpful advice to walking alongside a grieving teen

My Support Network for Teens (PDF)
This activity helps you identify people you can talk to and activities that help you in your grief, such as music, reading, writing, etc.

When a Friend Dies by Suicide (PDF)
Some idea on how to help yourself and your friends get through the first few days after someone dies by suicide

Talking to Teens when Violence Happens(PDF)