Getting Started

inside lorys placeWhat is Lory's Place?

Lory's Place is a grief healing and education center, a program of Caring Circle of Corewell Health. We serve children, teens and adults who have experienced a death of someone important.

Lory's Place Brochure

Why we're here?

Losing a loved one to death is not easy no matter your age. Lory’s Place is here to provide life-affirming hope and guidance to children and adults during their time of grieving, providing a safe space to gain the tools and support needed to mourn in a healthy way.

Who may come?

Our grief support programs are provided for children ages 3 to 18 and their parents, guardians, grandparents, other close relatives and friends. We also have many other groups that are adult specific. 

What is the cost?

All the programs and services at Lory’s Place are offered at no charge. The generosity of our community makes this possible. Your help is always appreciated.

Please donate or volunteer this year.