Crisis Support

In times of crisis, talking about, and dealing with tragedy

Resources for you, your family, and our community

  • This article from is appropriate for children, teens, adults and families. It features helpful tips as you navigate conversations, feelings and hopefully find some comfort.

  • Tragedies such as the shootings in Uvalde, Texas, can be triggers for past grief experiences and take a significant toll on our mental health. Here are a few numbers to call if additional support would be beneficial.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800.273.TALK(8255)

    MDHHS Warmline 888.733.7753 connects individuals with certified peer support specialists who have lived experiences of behavioral health issues, trauma or personal crises, and are trained to support and empower the callers.

Resources specific to children

  • Wheeler Creative Studios has a cartoon that can help to alleviate fear, as well as equip kids who worry that violence may enter their school. There is a great conversation card to facilitate dialogue between kids and their adults. We encourage you to watch together. Click here.
  • Creative Art Expression resource: Art can be a beneficial way for children/teens to process any emotions they may be experiencing. This resource will help adults provide a safe space for this type of expression. Download PDF, click here..
  • Tips for Reducing Your Child’s Stress: Young people are experiencing many different feelings surrounding what is happening in our world, increasing anxiety levels to an all time high. This resource will offer some good thoughts for adults to help kids find some calm. Download PDF, click here.

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