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4/16/2020 1:26:34 PM Reporting from Niles, MI
Lory's Place Expansion Project's-place-expansion-project
4/16/2020 1:26:34 PM
Lory's Place is expanding into the adjacent space next to current space to provide extended adult grief support services.

Lory's Place Expansion Project

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Lory's Place Expansion Project
Apr 16, 2020

Lory's Place is excited to share that we are expanding into the adjacent storefront next to the existing space to create a dedicated venue for adult programming. The peer-to-peer model is not effective in reaching all grieving adults. A whole person approach will create a one-of-a-kind space for our grieving community members to reenter life without their loved one.

Renovation of the space will provide a safe haven for adult programming and dedicated office space for staff and volunteers.

Our vision is for a coffee house atmosphere, somewhere you feel comfortable dropping by anytime. Spaces will be designed for multiple purposes. A kitchen area will be available for preparing and serving refreshments and a lab for someone learning to cook. Newly single people may also need help in learning to perform routine home or vehicle maintenance, managing finances, or simply feeling comfortable going out to eat alone. If there is a need, we will find a way to walk the journey together.

The statistics show the burden of unresolved grief:

  • Alcohol and drug abuse
  • Decreased productivity
  • Divorce
  • Financial
  • Increased medical costs
  • Lost time from work

The Lory’s Place expansion project will create a place for grieving adults to engage life with a new perspective, learn new skills, meet new friends, and most of all have a safe and supportive space.

To learn more about the expansion project, Lory’s Place services, or how you can help support the expansion visit or call 269. 983.2707