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Anxiety, Depression, and Grief

Treating Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences. Anxiety disorders are different because they can cause such distress that they interfere with a person’s ability to lead a normal life. Fears can become constant, overwhelming, and even crippling. 

We offer a variety of specialized professional services to help treat people suffering from anxiety disorders. Our treatment options include:

  • Developing coping skills
  • Learning ways to boost self esteem
  • Relaxation training

In addition to providing treatment, we also offer a testing package that assesses an individual’s anxiety level and helps counselors tailor treatment plans accordingly. Anxiety disorders may require medication. If so, counselors will collaborate with physicians and healthcare providers to determine
appropriate care.

Treating Depression

Everyone experiences unhappiness in life. However, when depression persists and impairs daily life, it may be an indication of a depressive disorder. Symptoms of a depressive disorder can include:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Excessive tearfulness
  • Loss of or increase in appetite
  • Loss of pleasure or interest in things once enjoyed
  • Short-term memory problems
  • Sleep disturbances

We have a dedicated and committed team of counselors who are trained in the treatment of depressive disorders. Some treatment options include self-esteem enhancement training and problem-solving therapy. 

More severe depressive disorders may require medication. If so, counselors will collaborate with physicians and healthcare providers to determine appropriate care.

Geriatric Patients with Depression and Serious Illness

Depression is a serious illness that affects about six million Americans age 65 and older. Late-life depression impacts older adults differently than young people and can often occur with the onset of serious illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. If left untreated, it can delay recovery or worsen the outcomes of these illnesses. 

In fact, studies show that major depression can double mortality rates in patients of any age – independent of suicide. We have a dedicated and committed team of counselors who are trained in treating geriatric patients suffering from depression. Several treatment options are available – some may require medication. If so, counselors will collaborate with physicians and health care providers to determine appropriate care.

Coping with Loss and Grief

Feelings of loss and grief are incredibly powerful emotions. Learning to cope with them can be a difficult process. Sometimes we may be unaware that we’re suffering from these emotions at all. They may be easy to recognize following the death of a loved one, but we can also suffer feelings of loss and grief during other life changes such as:

  • Aging
  • Divorce
  • Infertility
  • Moving
  • Switching jobs or loss of income

Depression, hopelessness, lack of direction, and an inability to cope with life are typical of grieving individuals. We offer our clients comfort and support during these tough times, and provide them with the tools they need to go forward though the grieving process in a healthy way.

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