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Parenting Support

Parenting Skills and Support

Understanding child development and working with parents to develop achievable expectations for growth and behavior is one of our specialties. We help parents identify their children’s strengths and weaknesses and teach them to guide their children through difficult emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and how to deal with loss and disappointment.


We partner with area churches and other groups to host affordable parenting classes for children of all ages. Topics discussed include:

  • Behavior modification
  • Conflict resolution
  • Discipline
  • Improving communication
  • Setting boundaries

We also provide recommendations and referrals to parents on important services in the community and assist in advocating with schools and other environments where their child may be struggling.

Play Therapy

Children often have difficulty putting their troubles or feelings into words. Play therapy is a way of addressing these troubles or feelings in a way that allows the child to work them out through their natural language – play.

Play therapy focuses on the child, not the problem. It helps develop the child from the inside out and builds self esteem. Play therapy helps children deal constructively with emotions such as anger and anxiety, improving a child’s relationship with others – both at home and school.

Behavioral/Anger Management in Children and Adolescents

Many children and teens struggle to control their behavior and manage anger. Our clinicians have the expertise to diagnose the root of the problem and will teach your child healthier ways to cope and express their emotions. We teach and implement a variety of skills and strategies through:

  • Art Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Structured Behavioral Therapy techniques

We also work closely with pediatricians, psychiatrists, family, and school staff to develop a complete program to support your child or teen.


Self-harm often refers to “cutting.” This involves scratching or carving into the top layers of skin until bleeding occurs. Individuals may cut, or burn their skin with cigarettes or other hot objects, to express hurt or anger because they lack the words to express their feelings. 

Our counselors help individuals identify their feelings and express them in healthier ways by using techniques such as art therapy and journaling.

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