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Treating Addictions and Other Disorders

Treating Addictions and Co-Occuring Disorders

The lives of individuals and families can be destroyed by compulsive behaviors such as alcoholism, substance abuse, sexual addictions and gambling addictions.

We assist addicts and their loved ones on the journey to recovery by utilizing current research methods and working together with friends and family members.  We also address other underlying psychological issues that can sabotage and undermine progress if left untreated.  This is completed in a safe and caring environment in which the addict is respected.

Is It an Addiction, Habit, or Obsession?

In the following video, Richard Watson, MA, LLP, LPC, from Southwestern Medical Clinic’s Christian Counseling and Psychological Services discusses the many forms that addiction can take and the psychological and emotional implications of addictive behavior.

Topics include:
• food
• gambling
• substances
• shopping
• technology dependence
• mobile devices and social media


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