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Marriage and Divorce

Premarital Counseling

Premarital counseling is one of the most important investments a couple can make. The dividends may benefit not only the couple, but their future family as well. 

We offer a premarital testing package that examines both individual personality traits, as well as compatibility among several aspects of married life. This is followed by feedback sessions with the couple to examine and explore the results, while generating positive dialogue about the important factors of a successful marriage.

If requested, the counselor can complete a report for the pastor who is referring the couple for premarital testing and/or premarital counseling. This includes test results and recommendations for the couple. Many wish to continue counseling after the feedback sessions to further reinforce the foundation of their marriage.

Marital Therapy

A healthy marriage is not only critical to individual well-being, it’s also important to the development and well-being of children. When children experience their parents having a healthy and satisfying marriage, they are much more likely to be well-adjusted and have happy and fulfilling marriages of their own.

Common issues that may cause marital strife include:

  • Communication issues
  • Disagreements about division of labor/household chores
  • Financial stressors or disagreements about finances
  • Managing relationships with the couple’s family and friends
  • Not meeting each other’s needs
  • Sexual problems
  • Trouble resolving conflict

We provide a safe and confidential environment where couples can discuss these issues. We also offer personality tests and indicators that help couples better understand their spouses and themselves in relation to their marriage.

Mediation and Divorce Coaching Services

In the event divorce is the only option, our counselors provide an alternative to litigated divorce.  We offer mediation services to help spouses craft more mutually satisfactory agreements with regard to property division, support issues, and parenting agreements - resulting in greater compliance and less court involvement.

Stress Management

We help individuals struggling to manage the demands of their job, spouse, children, housework, extended family, or school. In fact, many of us find ourselves stressed, anxious, and worn out in our attempts to juggle life’s many demands. Our counselors have experience helping people sort out their priorities, set boundaries and limits, and regain control over life. Let us help you relax, and take back your peace of mind.

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