The Importance of a Donation

Marie Yeager PaintingThe Marie Yeager Cancer Center got it's beginnings through the generous donation of Lakeland Health board member, Thomas Yeager. The cancer center at Lakeland Health is named in honor of Marie Yeager, Tom’s late wife.

Marie worked as an oncology nurse at Lakeland Health for many years and was deeply committed to providing her patients with compassionate care.  This cause was very dear to her heart, and the Yeager family knows she would be proud to continue to make a difference for southwest Michigan patients affected by cancer. 

Thomas was the lead donor and shared, “I couldn’t be happier for the community and for those people who’ve worked so hard and have supported the cancer center.” He continued, “It wasn’t just my contribution that made the cancer center possible but the contributions of a whole lot of people who got behind the project and supported it to make it a reality.” 

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