Marie Yeager Cancer Center

Cancer Care, Close to Home

The Marie Yeager Cancer Center at Lakeland Health Park in Royalton Township, St. Joseph, makes it possible for patients and their families to go to just one facility for the majority of their cancer care needs. The center includes a highly qualified team of cancer specialists and state-of-the-art technology for cancer detection and treatment, all in an environment designed to promote health and healing. 

For the convenience of patients and community members, the Marie Yeager Cancer Center connects to the Center for Outpatient Services, St. Joseph, which houses key imaging technology.

Looking for specific support? 

Cancer Registry              269.428.7293 or 269.428.7290
Clinical Research             269.556.2881
Executive Director of Oncology             269.556.2880
Infusion Manager             269.556.2879
Lakeland Cancer Specialists        269.428.4411
Social Work and Financial Counseling   269.556.7161
Front Desk   269.556.7180
Nurse Navigator   269.556.2884; 269.556.2885; 269.556.2866
Psychology Services   269.428.4411

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