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  • How to Weather Traumatic Events

    How to Weather Traumatic Events

    Experiencing, witnessing, or even hearing about a traumatic event—a natural disaster, a violent crime, a terrorist attack—can be devastating. Learning how people respond to different traumas and how they heal may help you cope with the stress that normally follows such an incident.

  • Why Screen for Anxiety?

    Why Screen for Anxiety?

    It’s normal to worry about your family, health, or finances sometimes. And in the short term, having some anxiety isn’t bad. It can help you focus and cope during stressful situations.

  • The New Secondhand Smoke Danger for Kids: Cannabis

    The New Secondhand Smoke Danger for Kids: Cannabis

    children may face a new threat: secondhand smoke from cannabis (also known as marijuana). As states legalize marijuana, more kids may be breathing in the harmful chemicals and toxins from smoking and vaping.

Wellness Center

Bathing and Skin Care for the Newborn

Bath time is a great time to bond with your newborn while keeping his or her skin healthy and cuddly soft. Get the fact - îand proper supplies - to make these moments safe and enjoyable for both you and baby.


Tetanus Quiz

Tetanus is an infection that affects the nervous system. It's also called lockjaw. Most children are vaccinated against it, but that immunity wears off with time. Adults need a booster shot to maintain their immunity.


The Importance of Healthy Eating When You Have Diabetes

Learn how making a variety of healthy food choices can help bring your blood glucose into a healthy range.

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