Lakeland Cancer Specialists

Offices in Niles and St. Joseph

At Lakeland Cancer Specialists, experienced, board-certified oncologists work together with your primary care doctors to develop the best plan to fight your individual cancer. Our highly trained staff are dedicated to providing you with the education, information, compassion, and support you need.

Some services offered at our locations are:

  • Carefully monitor patients in treatment at Lakeland Infusion Clinics in Niles and St. Joseph
  • Clinical psychologist to help patients deal with the psychological issues related to cancer, illness, anxiety, depression, pain management, stress, and smoking cessation
  • Collaborate with leading regional medical institutions including the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago
  • Experienced, board-certified oncologists who work with a wide variety of caregivers to develop the best plan for your fight against cancer
  • Guide cancer patients through each phase of their illness, assessment, consultations, support services, and treatment 
  • Locations in St. Joseph at the Marie Yeager Cancer Center, and in Niles at the Lakeland Medical Suites 
  • On-site hereditary risk assessment and genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer

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