Outdoor Fitness Course

Parcourse Studies show participating in rehabilitation therapy in an outdoor setting helps increase happiness and reduces stress for patients. The PARCOURSE, located on the grounds of Spectrum Health Lakeland Watervliet Hospital, provides a unique opportunity for patients to participate in therapy sessions outdoors. 

The course features 2 quarter-mile asphalt loops that can accommodate individuals with disabilities who may need to use wheelchairs or walkers. Each loop includes four exercise stations or pods. Each station has different types of professional grade exercise equipment that offer varying degrees of difficulty for all fitness levels.


Pod 1 Exercises - click for more details

Ring Trace 

Finger Walk 

Assisted Step Around 

Assisted Functional Trainer 

PARCOURSE Pod 2 Watervliet

Pod 2 Exercises - click for more details

Assisted Balance Walk

Leg Press

Shoulder Rotator


Pod 3 Exercises - click for more details 

Vertical Press

Vertical Press (wheelchair modification)

Cardio Walker

Chin-up Station

PARCOURSE Pod 4 Watervliet

Pod 4 Exercises - click for more details

Leg Extension

Hand Cycle

Captain’s Chair

PARCOURSE Pod 5 Watervliet

Pod 5 Exercises - click for more details

Cardio Walker

Horizontal Chin-up

Push-up Station

PARCOURSE Pod 6 Watervliet

Pod 6 Exercises - click for more details

Balance Board

Sit-up/Back Extension

Balance Beam

PARCOURSE Pod 7 Watervliet

Pod 7 Exercises - click for more details

Trapeze Rack

Adult Climbing Wall Station


Pod 8 Exercises - click for more details

Lat Pull Down

Lat Pull Down (wheelchair modification)

Plyometric Box

Thank you to all the donors and community members who helped to make the PARCOURSE a reality.

PARCOURSE Donation Plaque