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Annual Appeal

The power of your donation

Each year Caring Circle and Lory’s Place are privileged to be invited into the lives and stories of our friends and neighbors throughout Southwest Michigan. The families we serve become part of our own extended family.

We are grateful to give our love and care to anyone that needs us, regardless of their ability to pay. This year, we need your financial support to continue providing essential help and local services to our neighbors and friends in need.

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Honoring a Wish to Be at Home

Mike and Pam Feeney

Everything was warm and bright in the New Buffalo home of Mike and Pam Feeney on the night of January 30, 2021. They shared an intimate dinner to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary and spent hours marveling at their years spent together.

But just weeks after that night, 72-year-old Pam was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Throughout her life, Pam had endured health problems and surgeries, but this diagnosis was much different. “With her history of health issues, more chemotherapy and surgery were not in the cards for her,” said Mike. “That is why we made a choice to go home….” Pam’s primary care physician immediately connected the Feeneys with Caring Circle. A hospice nurse came to their home and activated care services the next day.

Through it all, Mike and Pam relied on their inseparable bond. For 50 years, they had hugged, held hands, finished each other’s sentences, and shared much laughter. Those moments continued in the final months. Pam—described by loved ones as a wife, educator, mother, grandmother, sibling, daughter, friend, singer, author, storyteller, and dance machine—died at home with family in October 2021.

But with that great loss, Mike also acknowledged something the family had gained. “If Caring Circle had not been our team and support, we would have missed out on the last best opportunity of spending time with Pam. If she were here, she would say thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Caring Circle provides care regardless of a person’s ability to pay which is possible, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please consider making a donation today.

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