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How Will I Get Through the Holidays?


No matter how long it has been after experiencing a death, the holiday season can feel overwhelming.
Giving special attention to your grief is very important and the suggestions below can be helpful as you navigate your way.

Accept that it may be a painful time and plan ahead: If you know that a particular holiday will be harder than others, plan to take time to go easy on yourself. Planning gives you some control over how you want and need these days to look and feel.

Allow yourself to feel your emotions and express your feelings: Grief comes with a variety of feelings, all valid and normal. It is important to find or create a safe space to express all that is inside. Cry long and hard or not at all. Talk, write, craft, pray, exercise, listen to music, or play.

Take care physically too: We often forget the connection between our physical and emotional health. Eat and drink as healthfully as possible. Get some exercise and plenty of rest. Even small steps are progress!

It’s okay to let go of past traditions: The holidays are often full of traditions shared and memories with the person who died. You can choose to embrace those times, but it’s also okay to create new memories or traditions, even if just for a year or two.

Honor and remember: Getting through these difficult days are sometimes easier if we allow ourselves to remember and honor our person, who they were, and what they meant to us.

  • Do something for someone else
  • Give to a charity they believed in
  • Light a candle
  • Listen to music they loved
  • Run/walk a 5k in their honor
  • Set a place at the table
  • Wear an article of their clothing

Allow others to walk this journey with you: Grieving someone can leave us feeling alone and, especially now, isolated. Reach out to others and seek your network of people who bring you comfort and allow you to be authentic.

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