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Grief and bereavement

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Find guidance and support with Caring Circle

EiStock-866879078When someone in your life dies, it is among the most difficult experiences. Understanding grief and learning how to cope can help you heal and move forward with your life.

What is grief and mourning?

Grief is all of the feelings you have when someone dies. Mourning is expressing those feelings outwardly. It can show itself in many ways and figuring out how to process through your grief is important. There is no right or wrong way to grieve, or time limit on how long it will take to find a new normal without your person.

Whether experiencing anticipatory grief or grief after a death, it may be difficult to know where to seek support. Caring Circle and Lory’s Place are here to help you navigate your way through grief and to begin healing.

What support is available?

The Caring Circle bereavement team offers a variety of comprehensive resources and opportunities for support. Bereavement team members are available at any time in the grief process–from anticipatory grief to after the death of a loved one. A variety of programs are available to support and guide children, adults, and families as they work through their grief and find hope again.

Programs and services provide:

  • Peer support groups
  • Community outreach programs
  • Resource library
  • Individual sessions
  • Monthly support mailings
  • School and workplace grief support and educational programs
  • Services of remembrance and Remembrance Garden

What does support cost?

The effects of losing a loved one cross all cultural and economic boundaries. Thanks to the generosity of community donations, bereavement services at Caring Circle and Lory’s Place can be offered to all who come for assistance, free of charge.

To learn more about Caring Circle or Lory’s Place bereavement services, grief groups, or community support, please visit or

Hear from a few of the team members who provide grief healing and bereavement care for Caring Circle and Lory's Place.


“Life changes in many ways after the death of someone we love. It is an honor for people to share their stories with me and to be able to walk along side of them as they grieve, mourn, and discover what life looks like now. I am so thankful for the many ways I can provide grief support and education to the community."

Jamie Hoover, Bereavement care coordinator

Pickett, Trisha-2018-Headshot

“Every person is affected by death in their lives, yet not everyone actually processes what they are feeling. Lory’s Place helps people process through their feelings. I do not directly work with the people that need our support, but as I work behind the scenes, I know that what I am doing is helping them through their journey.”

Trisha Pickett, Administrative support coordinator


“I'm passionate about the work I do at Lory's Place because I know how it feels to have someone close to me die and be totally lost in grief. Normalizing the feelings and thoughts that come after someone significant dies is vital to adapting and living a full life. My faith in God was what got me through my most difficult times, so I feel it's my calling to help others now.“

Christine Roland, Bereavement care coordinator

Thomas, Denise-Headshot

“Having been a past participant at Lory’s Place I am a witness of how timely and beneficial the peer group, support programs, and services were in my own life during my time of bereavement. To be able to work at Lory’s Place and give back by supporting others who are grieving brings me great joy and fulfillment.”

Denise Thomas, Bereavement care coordinator

For more information call
(269) 429-7100 or
(800) 717-3811

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