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Who pays for hospice?

Don't be afraid to ask the question

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It’s difficult to know where to begin when the time comes to consider hospice care. Caring Circle can help families prepare for the changes ahead, so that you can make the most of the remaining time without fear or regret. We believe in making every moment count, offering support, resources, and comfort to those in our care.

Don't add letting the cost of care be a stress on you or your loved one during this time

You can afford hospice care. Many people don’t know that, 99.2 percent of hospice patients don’t pay for services.

At Caring Circle, admission is not based on a person’s ability to pay.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of people navigating through illness, caregiving, and grief. Our passion is improving quality of life through holistic health care for individuals, families, and our community, regardless of ability to pay.

We are here to help you navigate this journey, call us 269.429.7100 or 800.717.3811 us today to start the conversation or click the button below and fill out the form to have one of our team members reach out to you.

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