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A Legacy of Giving

Our community is stronger because of him...

Merlin Hanson smiling.There are some who bring a light so great to the world that even after they have gone, the light remains. And for that reason, Merlin Hanson’s memory will shine brightly in our community and hearts forever.

A man with a humble and genuine spirit, Merlin Hanson touched the lives of many. He wanted to give back to the family he loved, the friends he adored and the community that he cherished—and he did. Starting from modest beginnings, he worked hard to become a successful entrepreneur. He employed generations of families in his businesses. He volunteered his time and talents to numerous organizations. Without fail, he generously contributed to services that provided support to his neighbors.

Merlin saw how end of life care provides comfort to people when they need it the most. His compassion led him and his wife, Carolyn, to provide the lead gift to establish the Hanson Hospice Center in 2012. As he neared the end of his life this year, he continued to feel strongly that hospice care, whether offered at the Hanson Hospice Center or within patients’ homes, are essential to our neighbors.  

When it comes to hospice care, the number one barrier to community members seeking help sooner, is the fear of not being able to afford it. At the Hanson Hospice Center, our benevolence care fund is a safety net for those who need financial assistance.

In memory of Merlin Hanson, can we ask that you make a gift today?

Our goal is to provide end of life services to all of our friends and neighbors, regardless of their financial situation. Your generous donation will be used by those who need your help more than you will ever know.

"None of us is better than all of us together."

We hope you will choose to help us provide financial assistance for our community members as we go above and beyond standard hospice care. The need is great. Donations can be made online by clicking the "donate now" button below.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 269.429.7100

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