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A Celebration of Life


Ann and Robert Lemon both received hospice care through Caring Circle. Their family shared what an immense blessing it was for their parents to have this type of specialty care and support at the end of their lives. When Ann was not able to stay in her home any longer, she moved into the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center. She enjoyed spending time in the great room listening to the piano and watching the fish swim around in the saltwater tank. Her husband Robert would visit often, and team members at the Hanson Hospice Center shared how the Lemons made everyone at the facility feel like family. After Ann died, her family even held her memorial service at the Hanson Hospice Center because it had become such a meaningful place for them.

Robert started with home hospice care and eventually moved to the Hanson Hospice Center himself. He enjoyed many of the same comforts as Ann and greatly appreciated the skill and compassion of the staff. Robert died just a few months after the celebration of Ann’s life. The staff recalled how it was a true honor to share the Lemons’ journey.

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