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At the Heart of What We Do

Connecting with people and building relationships

Medical director of continued care services, Jordan Sall, DO, recently shared about the care he and the Caring Circle team provide, and the value he places on making personal connections to deliver better care.

The most important thing we do is offer something to those with a serious illness that is truly valuable. I’m there to make their lives easier and better. I take a lot of pride in the team that we have because they care, and at the end of the day, that’s what we need—more love, more compassion, and a little more understanding.

When should someone call Caring Circle?

Caring Circle provides a continuum of care for those with a serious illness. I think that when someone feels like they can’t identify where in their medical journey they are, Caring Circle is a good place to call.

  • If you’re leaving the hospital and trying to get linked back into your primary care physician, and it’s difficult to safely make it to the doctor’s office–Caring Circle has services to help.
  • If you or a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal disease or struggling with unmanaged pain from a serious illness–Caring Circle is there to help. We provide services and connections that people don’t always think of, whether it’s with us directly or with another community program.

What are the benefits of starting care sooner, rather than later?

It's important to get away from the stigma that hospice and palliative care are for the last hours and days of one’s life. It really is meant to be a part of someone’s overall continuum of care. Making the transition into hospice care can provide improved quality of life and enhance the quantity of life when it is done well.

How can families start the hospice conversation?

Caring Circle has experience with helping people at all stages of a serious illness. And we understand that each stage comes with a range of emotions. Some people understand where they are at, some people just want to talk to someone, and some need more information on what their options are. Our entire team has different levels of expertise that can help with making decisions and choices that are right for each person.

What advice would you give someone who has anxiety about inquiring about services?

Our goal is to make each person’s experience easy and affordable while instilling humanity in our delivery of care, and make it as stress-free as possible. What drives me day in, and day out, is to provide compassionate care and to bring smiles to people’s faces during difficult times as well as good times. People with serious illness have good days too, and to be able to see someone go to a graduation or enjoy a birthday party, when they weren’t expecting to–there is nothing that brings me more joy.

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