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Community partners in primary care


HouseCalls helps to connect people who struggle to get out of their home for appointments with health care. Bringing the care directly to patients helps ease the burden and risk of leaving their home. With the advantage of coming into a patient’s home space, HouseCalls can identify challenges and personal needs the patient or family may have:

  • Additional caregivers or support for patients
    in the home
  • Assistance with groceries or meals
  • Assistance with paying for utilities
  • Services for mental health or substance
    use treatment
  • Durable medical equipment at an affordable cost

Through multiple partnerships in the community, HouseCalls has found greater success in collaboration for the benefit of patients and families. These agencies each provide unique aspects of care within a specialty to treat all aspects of a person’s life.

Over the past year, HouseCalls and Area Agency on Aging have formed a partnership to link adults with the medical and community-based care. This alliance has allowed for interventions to be created where complex care needs, social determinants of health, and caregiver needs are all addressed and managed through close communication and collaboration. Recent studies show that at least 20% of a person’s overall health is attributed to the social and physical environment around them. Accounting for social conditions that a person lives in is critical to improving both primary prevention and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

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