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How to make living with your serious illness or disease easier

transition serviceCoping with an advanced progressive illness, whether it is your own or someone you are caring for, can become overwhelming. You may feel as if your whole life is in uncharted territory with all the complex medical options you have to consider, new daily life routines, care arrangements that need to be made and trying to find the best resources to meet your needs. Hospice at Home Transitions Service can guide you and your caregiver through the maze of medical and caregiving questions and help you access the resources you need.

Although we cannot change your diagnosis, we can make living with it easier. Whether you (or your loved one) are still being treated for a serious disease or illness or medical treatment has stopped, we can help. We can assist you, your caregiver, and your family to identify your specific needs and find the community resources that will make your quality of life the best possible.

Getting transition support is easy. It starts by contacting us or calling (269) 429-7100 or (800) 457-1603

A professional transitions coordinator will contact you (or your loved one) to complete an initial assessment to:

  • Clarify goals so care decisions will reflect what is most important to you and your family
  • Identify and access community resources that offer practical healthcare services
  • Plan for assistance that may be needed now or in the future
  • Discuss the emotional impact of living with an advanced progressive illness or disease
  • Access volunteer services to provide you with companionship and your family or caregiver with respite, or relief from caretaking responsibilities

Once your needs and your family's needs are assessed, our staff will help you coordinate and access the identified services. We also will continue to check in with you regularly to make sure you and your family are getting the care and support you need.

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For more information call
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