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Don’t ignore your “check engine” light

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The death of someone we love is a full-body experience that rocks the foundations of the life we’ve carefully built over many years. Our normally rational mind struggles to process the whirlwind of tasks that once seemed so simple to manage. Even our bodies seem to give up on us—with aches and weakened strength taking over our once vibrant energy for life.

What do we do when death robs us, not only of our beloved friends and family, but of our own spark for living?

Focus on soul, mind, and body practices that can be beneficial during grief and mourning. For your soul, the inner core of your being, focus on two key goals during your grief work.

  • Experience the love of people who truly support you. These may be childhood best friends or mentors who listen to you without judgment and only offer advice sparingly.
  • Balance these relationships with healthy times of positive reflection. Your grieving soul has been in mourning and now is the time to feed it with simple visioning exercises of what life could look like as you move from grief to healing.

To give your mind a grief break, many people will tell you to “take things one day at a time.” Another approach is to consider taking life moment by moment to ease the mind’s burden.

  • Write down lists of what you must do and then delegate many of these tasks to people in your support system.
  • Take time to engage in activities completely unrelated to your present grief—whether it’s a television comedy you never got to watch or relaxing guided meditation.

Finally, your body may be feeling worn down. Check in with your primary care physician who can help with physical pain and sleep issues that often accompany grief.

  • While you may not feel motivated, take short walks outdoors. It can help to balance these active times with short naps.
  • Eat when you are hungry and depleted but be mindful of both under and overeating.

There are no quick fixes for the grief you feel but taking good care of yourself is essential. For more grief healing and education resources and support, call 269.983.2707 or visit the Lory’s Place website at

For more information call
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