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When you can ‘simply love’ instead of doing it all


Rosalie Plechaty and her mother, Marjorie Belokin, both knew Marjorie’s condition was terminal. When they could no longer manage her care at home, the Caring Circle hospice team in South Haven stepped in to help.

“Caring Circle will always hold a special place in my heart for many reasons. Losing my mother was harder than I thought it would be. I knew her disease was terminal. She knew her disease was terminal. Knowing is one thing—experiencing it was another.

You can pretend it’s not as difficult as it seems for a while; how hard it is for someone you love dearly to begin to fail, how hard they are trying to cover it up so they don’t worry you, how hard they want to hang on to their dignity and privacy. And then suddenly, you can’t. This is where Caring Circle steps in.

I still cry as I write this. She thanked them every time they came, sometimes at a drop of a hat, and then, at that the very end, they were there for us both. I simply could not have done that scary and heartbreaking time without them.”

They took care of her physically, medically, spiritually, and mentally, so that I could simply love her and spend what little time we had left. Caring Circle gave her the dignity she deserved. You won’t know until you experience this yourself, but believe me, you will need them and appreciate them as much as I do

- Rosalie Plechaty

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