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What Does Spiritual Care Look Like for Those in Hospice


When an individual receives hospice services, they are met with a team of providers who help with every aspect of care—emotional, physical, and spiritual. Spiritual care coordinators at Caring Circle are able to provide a unique listening experience and supportive presence.

People who receive spiritual care come from all walks of life; some attend religious services regularly, others may be questioning their beliefs, while some may not believe at all. A spiritual care coordinator follows the lead of those they serve, providing individualized support.

Some visits involve music and creative activities, while others provide space for people to share and honor their memories of life's journey which can lead to profound healing.

Julie Leahy, spiritual care coordinator at Caring Circle shared the following experience she had with a person using spiritual care services:

“I went to Stephanie and Gary’s home while Stephanie was on palliative care to help them with their advanced care planning. Gary was excited that I was a chaplain and wanted to share his experiences with angels. He had written and published a book, “My Life with Angels: an Unexpected Journey.” A few years later, Gary died unexpectedly, and shortly after, his wife became a hospice patient. The story came full circle when I was the one who was able to provide spiritual care for her. Stephanie was grieving the loss of her husband and shared that it was a comfort to see me again since I previously met her spouse, Gary.”

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