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The Caring Circle Pet Peace of Mind program provides supplies and pet food for those in hospice care who are unable to afford these items. The program also helps with grooming and connects owners with local veterinarians to provide necessary care and vaccinations.

While the goal is to keep pets with their owners for as long as possible, this program also ensures pets will have a loving home in the future.

Laurie Timmer, spiritual care coordinator at Caring Circle, was recently able to help provide a new home for a cat whose owner was on hospice services.

“Through my time caring for this individual, I got to know her feline companion well,” said Laurie. “I was at a point where I was ready for an animal housemate again. When I became aware the cat would need a new home after the death of her owner, I was happy to volunteer to adopt her.”

This was the second cat Laurie has been able to provide a home for after the death of their owner.

“I certainly empathize with how hard it is for our care recipients to face separating from a pet that has provided them with loving companionship and support through this emotional time in their life,” said Laurie. “I’m glad I can help provide that added peace of mind that their animal will continue to be loved and well taken care of.”

For more information about how you can donate to, or become involved with, the Pet Peace of Mind program please call 269.429.7100 and ask to speak to a volunteer coordinator.

For more information call
(269) 429-7100 or
(800) 717-3811

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