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Coping with grief during a pandemic

Coping with Grief During a Pandemic

Grief is touching hundreds of lives in our local community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues.

Talking about the death with friends or others can help you understand what happened and remember that person. Avoiding the issue can lead to isolation and interfere with the healing process.

Caring Circle created new ways to offer the same bereavement care to those anticipating grief and those actively experiencing it. Regularly scheduled support groups moved from in-person groups to one-on-one phone conversations with a bereavement coordinator. Regular family visits were done over the phone as requested by patients for the safest outcomes.

At Lory's Place, strict safety protocols were put in place so that we continue groups if possible. Groups that could be virtual were transitioned and ones that couldn’t were paused and one-on-one virtual meetings were held instead. New participants were introduced to Lory’s Place over the phone and support was provided. Traditional in-person support was individualized to reach our participants and community outreach partners, through phone calls, emails, social media, and snail mail.

Supporting others and yourself during grief

Spending time with loved ones of the deceased can help everyone cope. Sharing stories or listening to your loved one's favorite music can make a big difference for some grieving people. Helping others also makes you feel better.

Remember and celebrate the life of your lost loved one or friend. Anniversaries of the person's death can be difficult for their family and friends, but also provide an opportunity to remember and honor them.

Visit for more grief healing support and resources.

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