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Fund Established to Help Families

Judy Hall

St. Joseph natives Bob and Judy Hall turned their end-of-life experience into something that would provide greater access to hospice care for families in need. Judy had congestive heart failure, and after celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in June, her condition caused a rapid decline in her health. She was retaining water that couldn’t be controlled by in-home treatments, causing her frequent hospitalizations. While in the hospital, hospice care was discussed with Bob and one of his daughters.

“After talking with the hospice care coordinator, I did the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life, I talked to my wife about going on hospice services and she agreed it was the right thing to do,” Bob said. Judy went to the Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center at the end of July. Her pain and discomfort were eased, and she died peacefully four days into her stay.

Medicare pays for 100% of in-home hospice services. It does not always provide the same coverage for a patient who needs to be admitted to a hospital or other care facility. Bob and Judy’s personal finances made it possible for them to afford the costs of inpatient health care. As they discussed their situation, they thought about others less fortunate.

Bob placed funds in an endowment with the goal of supporting families with children who need the services of the Hanson Hospice Center.

“It is our hope that more people have access to the inpatient services at the Hanson Hospice Center, should they need them. Dealing with the pending loss of a love one is difficult enough, and those last days can often be where the most help and support for a spouse and family are needed,” Bob shared

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