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Which Program Best Fits Your Needs

Hospice Care, Homecare, Palliative Care, or HouseCalls?

Which Program Best Fits Your NeedsNeeding care wherever you call home is a reality in many situations. Knowing where to turn to when you need that care is something that people can struggle with. Spectrum Health Lakeland has a variety of at home care options, whether you’re recovering from a surgery, are home bound, or if you’ve received a terminal diagnosis. Often, for those who are suffering from an illness or disability, being home in familiar surroundings and close to family and friends is one of the best “medicines.”

Hospice Care

When you, or someone you care about, reach a point where you no longer desire or it is no longer possible to pursue curative treatment to prolong your life, then you may want to consider hospice care. This consideration does not mean you or your caregivers are giving up hope. Instead, it is a choice to help you make every day count and to live the best quality of life possible. When you, or someone you care about, are in hospice care you can expect:

  • Home visits to help minimize the need for you to make trips to the doctor's office or hospital emergency room
  • Ongoing bereavement support for your family and friends. Care team members stay in touch with your family through monthly mailings and classes that help your loved ones cope with their grief.
  • Professional pain management and relief for your physical, emotional, and spiritual suffering


Lakeland Homecare offers a wide range of services which can be provided for those who are recovering, disabled, or chronically ill and in need of medical, nursing, social, or therapeutic treatment as well as assistance with the necessary activities of daily living. Skilled homecare professionals work closely with physicians, to ensure that patients receive exactly the care they need.

Palliative Care

Palliative care focuses on the overall wellness of individuals with serious illness. It addresses the symptoms and stress of living with advancing illness. Early implementation of palliative care can increase quality of life and may be used in addition to curative care of an illness. Skilled palliative care providers visit patients wherever they call home.


HouseCalls may be an option for those who have serious or chronic conditions and who are unable to travel to a physician’s office or clinic for care. Some examples include those recently released from the hospital or other inpatient facility, those with balance or mobility issues, and those who may have behavioral health conditions.

Skilled physicians and providers see patients in their own homes, adult foster homes, and assisted living facilities. HouseCalls does not require referrals from other physicians to begin medical care.

Improving quality of life for someone with an advanced disease can ease stress, anxiety, and depression for not only the person with the illness but for family caregivers as well. For more information on what program fits your family's needs call 269.429.7100 or visit

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