Visitor Guidelines

Hospital family and visitor guidelines

Are you planning to visit or accompany a Spectrum Health Lakeland patient in the hospital? Please review the information listed below.

Effective Wednesday, August 31, minors (individuals ages 15 and younger) will be allowed to visit adult and pediatric patients. Visiting minors must be with a supervising adult during regular visiting hours and be able to adhere to masking requirements.

Additionally, non-COVID-19 patients, who are in private room will be allowed one adult overnight visitor. Overnight visits are not permitted for minors at this time.

Visitor guidelines include:

  • Adult hospital inpatient; labor and delivery; OB triage; and cath lab: Four visitors. Only 2 visitors are allowed in a room at one time. Visitors can be different individuals each day.
  • Adult emergency department, urgent care, surgery, and endoscopy: Two visitors.
  • Adult lab and radiology: One visitor.
  • Pediatric emergency department, surgery, lab and radiology: Two visitors.
  • Physician and medical offices: Two visitors (some locations may have tighter access because of space limitations).

Inpatient COVID-19-positive patients can have two adult visitors. The visitors must be the same people throughout patient’s stay at the hospital and the visitors must abide by all personal protective equipment (PPE) expectations. Adults are individuals ages 16 years and older.

Visitor names must be listed on file and be the same throughout the patient's stay. Upon arrival, visitors must complete a health screening and comply with personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. 


Make sure the patient has identified you to their care team and visitors' names is listed on file.

Health Screening

Complete health screen upon arrival.


Follow personal protective equipment guidelines at all times.

Number of Patients

Ensure max of two visitors are in a patients' room at a time, as space allows.


Visiting hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. End-of-life care and special needs situations will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Ambulatory and outpatient visitor guidelines

Outpatient facility visitor guidelines are dependent on patient needs, location, and available space for social distancing. A patient can bring up to two (2) adult visitors with them if: 

  • The patient is a minor or under 21 years old (two family members may accompany minors)
  • The patient needs physical assistance to get to and from the visit and/or assist with activities of daily living
  • The patient has a guardian and medical decision maker (Power of Attorney) that must be involved in the consent and care
  • The patient has cognitive deficits and requires support
  • The visit involves reviewing studies and developing a plan of care (includes all OB patients)
  • The patient is going to have a procedure that involves sedation
  • The patient is being transported by any transportation services (i.e., Pine Ridge, PACE, Medic-1, SMCAS, Pride)

Patient and family/visitor will be screened and provided a mask upon entry to the facility each day. Face masks must be worn in public areas and within exam offices. Family members or visitors who decline masking, will be denied access to Spectrum Health Lakeland facilities and will be encouraged to use other methods of communication to support their family member. Visitors may be asked to wait in their car if there is not adequate space available for social distancing within the office/facility. 

Hanson Care Park:

Pine Ridge no longer has any visitor restrictions. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please contact the facility at 269.983.6501.

The Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center no longer has any visitor restrictions. Visitors are asked to maintain a six foot distance when in patient rooms and common spaces. If you have any questions prior to your visit, please contact the facility at 269.408.2262.

Staying in touch with loved ones

Spectrum Health Lakeland understands how important it is to stay in touch with loved ones during this time. To stay in contact and up to date on a patient’s medical situation we are recommending social apps like FaceTime, Facebook messenger, Skype, or other virtual calls. Guest Wi-Fi network is available for patients to alleviate the use of personal data plans. Visitors can also call 269.983.8300 and ask for a patient by name and be connected directly to their room phone number.

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