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Foundation History

History and Focus of Our Work

The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation was created in 1995 as a non-profit organization with the express mission to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom through gathering and disbursing resources for medical related Christian missions. Although there are many worthy and exciting opportunities for giving, the Southwestern Medical Foundation seeks to gather support for the types of programs mentioned below.

Medical Education Projects

Educational loan repayment programs are available to potential career missionaries who would otherwise be unable to fulfill their dream of full time service.

Missionary Scholarships

The Foundation seeks to encourage future medical missionaries by providing grants to medical students, residents, or fellows interested in gaining clinical experience in the missions setting.

Short Term Projects

The foundation facilitates both group and individual opportunities to serve various mission fields. Group projects have proved valuable to the people served as well as providing:

  • Spiritual enrichment
  • Team-building
  • Family bonding opportunities. One of our projects was assisting with medical missions in areas impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Large and Small Capital Needs Projects

Funding is facilitated when requests for large or small capital expenditures are received. Some examples are:

  • Entire hospital wings
  • Surgery suites
  • High tech equipment
  • Medicine procurement
  • Transportation vehicles

We appreciate your gifts and donations in support of our work through the Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation.  To help support our next mission trip, please click the "Donate Now" button at the bottom of the screen.