Dear Friends,

al-Germaniyya LogoOn behalf of Al-Germaniyya Mission Hospital, we would like to thank you for your prayers, support, and partnership.

Since the early 1900s Al-Germaniya Hospital has been actively engaged in medical missions work in and around Aswan and have been responsibly stewarding the gifts that the Lord has provided through the years.  While we have already taken long strides toward achieving many goals, we still have a lot to accomplish where prayers and financial support are needed.

We humbly request your consideration in partnering with us to fill the urgent need of purchasing an obstetric ultrasound machine.  Our current ultrasound machine is over 30 years old and has been well-used and has served tens of thousands of women.  However, today its out-of-date image resolution prevents proper pre-natal and gynecologic diagnoses; its oft-used imaging probes have suffered the usual wear and tear of decades of use; its software options are out of date; its replacement parts are increasingly unavailable; and its frequent shutdowns bring obstetric and gynecological care to a halt.  Our highly qualified and trusted obstetrician-gynecologists already serve more than 10,000 patients per year, but their services are restricted by the current ultrasound.  An updated ultrasound machine will increase our capacity and quality of care, enabling more accurate treatment and diagnoses for those we serve.

We are grateful that God blessed us with the partnership and support of Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation, a Christian medical missions foundation (, that has awarded us a matching gift grant of $25,000 for the ultrasound machine.  Therefore, for every $1 donated, SWMCF will match your gift with an equal amount up to $25,000, enabling your gift to be doubled!

We are aware that this task appears challenging, but we trust that the Lord will provide, and that no obstacle is too great for Him.  We would ask that you pray about whether the Lord is asking you to be part of His work here in Aswan, Egypt.


Respectfully Yours,

Joachim Paesler
Evangelical Mission in Upper Egypt
Dr. Rafeek Effat
Evangelical Hospital Al-Germaniyya

Christopher Harvey, MD, FAAP
President SWMCF



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