Tenwek Hospital, Kenya


August 21, 2022

Dear Friend,

Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is joining hands with Tenwek Hospital, Kenya, Africa, to present needs that Dr. John Spriegel has shared with us for Tenwek Hospital.

The request from Dr. Spriegel:

“The Sue Steury Building which is replacing our burned down building from the fire of February 2018 is complete. It is a large four-story building expanding our ability to meet the growing medical needs of those we are called to serve.

Because of cost increases related to COVID care and increasing building/equipment costs since the start of the project we find ourselves needing additional funds. These funds will be used to purchase equipment for the New Infectious Disease/Telemetry Unit, IDTU, and the Wound Ward Medical unit.

The attached quotation is what we are expecting the equipment cost for IDTU and Wound Ward(s); (a) Telemetry equipment for IDTU (3,211,831 KShs), (b) MedGas equipment (oxygen and vacuum) for the second floor of Sue Steury Building (Wound Ward & Dialysis) (3,211,000 KShs).

Using an exchange rate of 112 KShs/USD (a) + (b), comes to $57,346.71. Additionally, Linda and I raised $5,500.00 in a Christmas appeal last December. Using Exchange

Adjusting for the $5,500.00 which Linda and I have already raised towards the telemetry, this comes to $51,866.71.

I am requesting that SWMCF partner with us in the purchase of the Infectious Disease/Telemetry and MedGas equipment. If we could do a matching gift program as we have done in the past years, it would be great.

We appreciate your consideration to partner with us to serve Kenyans in the name of Jesus to meet these critical needs.”

To meet this financial need:

The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is introducing a Matching Gift Program of up to $25,000 to purchase the needed equipment. Through the Matching Gift Program your gift will be doubled as we partner to purchase this critically needed equipment.

Thanking you in advance for your support!


Christopher J. Harvey, MD, FAA
Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation
Benton Harbor, MI 49022



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