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Tenwek Hospital, Kenya


July 20, 2023

Dear Friend,

Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is joining hands with Tenwek Hospital, Kenya, Africa, to support a special project that Dr. Meghan Murphy has shared with us for Tenwek Hospital.

The request from Dr. Meghan Murphy:

We would like to help the unsung heroes and support staff of Tenwek Hospital. We've identified five departments who need help. I am hoping to raise $3,000 for each of these departments for a total of $15,000 for the project which we have named the "Needs Project Campaign".

1. Maintenance. They fix everything around Tenwek from the houses where we live to the scrub sink that sprang a leak. They work long hours and are often overlooked unless they're needed to fix something. They have tools that are getting old and need to be replaced or fixed which are a part of this funding request.

2. Housekeeping. From washing maternity floors to replacing the sheets in the call rooms. They are some of the most uplifting people I've had the pleasure of working with and they do so much without recognition. They would be grateful for the opportunity to purchase new equipment and items to make their jobs easier.

3. Medical Education. The trainees do so much of the day-to-day work at the hospital. They complete the insurance forms, they advocate for their patients, they spend the most time to the point they practically live at the hospital. Recently, I raised a little bit of money to feed the interns in case the government didn't come through with their salaries which they were so thankful for. Additional funding would support and encourage this hard working group.

4. Human Resources. To many in the hospital, they only think that HR is involved when you start your job or end your job at Tenwek. They're doing lots of little things every day to make the hospital function. Their work is largely underestimated, and they could use some financial help to do things well. They would really like to advertise in some Nairobi venues, however, there's a cost to that. They also plan on hiring an outside firm to look at staffing for the hospital to help us run better. They would really appreciate financial help with this.

5. New Accident and Emergency Department. We currently use a storage system by Gladiator, Whirlpool Corporation, for our Orthopedic Surgery department. The system works well to help organize all the hardware for the ortho department. We are requesting support to purchase a similar Gladiator storage system for our new accident & emergency department.

We appreciate your consideration to partner with us in the name of Jesus to meet these critical needs.

To meet this financial need:

The Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation is introducing a Matching Gift Program of up to $7,500 to purchase the needed equipment and meet these needs. Through the Matching Gift Program your gift will be doubled as we partner on this project.

Thanking you in advance for your support!


Christopher J. Harvey, MD
President, Southwestern Medical Clinic Foundation
Meghan Murphy, DO
SWMC Long-Term Missionary, Tenwek



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