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Beyond the Distance

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Beyond the Distance

A Story of Love

Patricia and David Eby enjoyed a beautiful marriage filled with love. They both shared a passion for teaching; Patricia was an avid reader and reading teacher, while David enjoyed music and teaching music theory. As the years passed, both Patricia and David began experiencing health issues.

Patricia’s health declined greatly, and she began treatment with Hospice at Home. She became bed bound but remained alert and oriented. With the support from family, David remained at home until his health required additional care, and

he was transferred to a facility in Kalamazoo. While there, his condition progressed, and he had to be transferred to a geri-psychiatric unit in Indianapolis. During his treatment there he fell and suffered a fractured leg, causing him to be hospitalized. Unfortunately, he was unable to fully regain his strength and his dementia worsened. As his condition progressed it was clear that he could not return home and would need continuous specialized care. Still miles from his beloved wife, David was transferred to a nursing and rehabilitation center in South Haven.

During these four months Patricia was unable to visit with David due to her hospice diagnosis and her own specialized care needs. To help lift Patricia’s spirits, her care team planned a trip to visit David.

Patricia’s care team, along with the help of Van’s Medical Equipment, and the South Haven Nursing and Rehabilitation Community, arranged a special visit for her to travel by stretcher to South Haven. She was able to lie comfortably in David’s bed while he relaxed in a wheelchair and specialty recliner provided by Van’s. Together, with their adult children, they enjoyed a three-hour visit with their family and reconnected and shared precious memories.

Three weeks after Patricia’s visit with her husband, he was moved home to receive hospice care and to be with Patricia. He arrived home on a Monday and died that Friday. During this time, his family was comforted that he was able to have a special visit while he was at the nursing home and then return home for his final days.

After fifty-nine years of marriage, he preceded Patricia in death less than two months prior on July 20, 2018. Patricia died in her residence in the comfort of her family’s presence on September 16, 2018.

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