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Hanson Hospice Center Celebrates Five Years

Hospice Center

The Merlin and Carolyn Hanson Hospice Center marks its fifth year of service since opening in December 2013. This beautiful center provides a comfortable, homelike atmosphere where more than 1,650 individuals and their loved ones have created lasting and meaningful memories during a peaceful transition. This facility was a gift from the community, for the community, as a home-away-from-home for people in a variety of situations.

Who We Serve

We are honored to serve community members and their families during a serious illness. Many residents have specialized needs and care requirements, may have a frail caregiver or no caregiver at all, prefer to have their family together at a place other than home, have symptoms that have become difficult to manage in the family home, or may need additional support in the final weeks of life.

Specialty Accommodations

When the center was opened in 2013, it was crafted with special details to provide comfort and peaceful living. Our guests and families enjoy:

  • Private and spacious suites with tranquil views of nature
  • Unlimited visitation by family and friends, including pets
  • Accommodations for family to stay overnight, including laundry and shower facilities
  • Private spa-like tub room and massage therapy services
  • Large gathering and relaxation rooms

About Merlin and Carolyn Hanson

Merlin and Carolyn Hanson are longtime community, civic, and business leaders in southwest Michigan. As a child, Merlin became a vital link to the world for his deaf parents. He had to assume responsibility at a very young age helping his parents navigate the world. Those experiences helped him become the leader he is today. His father inspired him to take care of friends, neighbors, and team members, summed up by a key phrase in his father’s high school valedictorian address – “For the good of all.” With a keen sense of responsibility, and a desire to honor and leave a legacy of caring for their family, Hanson Group employees, and the community, Merlin and Carolyn graciously chose to support this hospice residence.

“May all who enter here feel the infinite blessings of support of family, friends, and care providers. In turn, may those whose lives are touched here be inspired to give back in their own way, ‘For the good of all’.”

– Merlin and Carolyn Hanson

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