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Reducing the Risks of a Fall

Reducing the Risks of a Fall

Fall Prevention Tips

Every year millions of older adults fall inside, or in the immediate vicinity of the home, leading to devastating injuries and emergency room visits. Many of these falls can be prevented by taking proper precautions at home.

Consider these simple fall prevention tips:

  • Keep rooms organized Remove clutter around the floor and eliminate small rugs and items from walking areas that could be potentially hazardous.
  • Install grab bars and handrails Mount handle bars next to toilets, bathtubs, showers, or steps and install nonslip mats in wet areas.
  • Provide good lighting Shadows in rooms make it difficult to see or register a barrier that is in a darker space, so keep rooms well lit.
  • Store commonly used items within reach Remove the need for a step stool or hard to reach areas by keeping commonly used items nearby.
  • Examine shoes for fit and traction Whether your loved one wears slippers or walking shoes, be sure they fit comfortably and that the soles are not slippery.
  • Ask about mobility aids Assistive devices such as a walker, cane or a gait belt can help with stability.

While falls cannot be predicted, it doesn’t mean you cannot be prepared if one happens. There are many options for medical safety alert systems. Wearing a CallSafe help button or home help system can allow you to be prepared for an emergency yet remain independent.

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