Launchpad 022

The mission of Launchpad 022 is to provide youth unlimited, equitable access to our world. Eighty percent of our health is influenced by social determinants such as access to quality education, economic stability and employment. There are disparities in the health outcomes of our urban and rural populations. 

Launchpad 022

Launchpad 022 aims to engage middle school students in hands-on, project-based learning across a variety of core content areas such as 2D/3D design, sound engineering and recording, pod casting and blogging, photography, print making and culinary arts. This program will provide innovative and free educational, motivational, leadership and internship opportunities to youth in an equitable manner while improving social cohesion, also known as the bond that holds community members together, in a safe environment.

Integrative Medicine 

Our physical, mental and spiritual needs are often intertwined and can impact each other. To address a variety of needs, the integrative medicine program uses a combination of therapies and activities including, but not limited to, medical massage, acupuncture, yoga therapy and meditation. These modalities are intended to be beneficial for those dealing with chronic conditions including pain, hypertension, digestive, sleep and stress-related issues. The program aims to provide educational, skill-building, and social cohesion opportunities, all while improving the level of self-empowerment and overall health of community members. The link to register will be available soon.