We grieve together.

We heal together.

COVID-19 Community Tributes

We fought this disease. We faced the challenges. We suffered loss. The events of COVID-19 changed our lives. We pause to honor those who died, the heroes, and the healers.

If you would like to pay tribute to someone, please fill out the Those Who Died or Healers and Heroes form.

Shelly Poloshak

Saint Joseph, MI

I was sick with Covid in December of 2020 when I received a text message saying that my friend, employee, and co-worker, Shelly Poloshak, passed away from Covid. I remember that the words of this song came immediately to mind and I felt well enough to sit at the piano and begin this arrangement. Shelly and I developed a good bond over the years. We would talk over lunch about the Bible and our mutual faith in Jesus. When I started releasing music videos last year, she was one of my biggest s ... Read More 

Dedicated by Justin Barber

Nancy Graham

St. Clair Shores, MI

Nancy loved life and it loved her back. She would do anything for her family. It was heartbreaking that she died in the hospital without her husband of over 60 years and her children at her side. However, I know that her care team cared deeply about her, gave her love, and held her hand as she passed. Nancy taught her family to be strong - she left a legacy with her grandchildren carrying on her love for life.

Dedicated by Melinda Gruber

Bou Franco

Hammond, IN

Bou was a kind, loving family man and friend. He was a generous caretaker in his church and community, the first to ensure that you felt heard and cared for. His laughter was infectious and he took his domino tournaments very seriously. He is so very missed by many.

Dedicated by Stephanie Kohler