Da Vinci Technology Praised

chriss lyonPatient Praises Da Vinci Technology as "Future of Surgery"

For Chriss Lyon, 46, a St. Joseph resident, maintaining a healthy weight has been a lifelong battle – until she sought the help of Michael Schuhknecht, DO, and the staff at Lakeland’s Comprehensive Weight Loss Center in Niles.

“I’ve tried a number of different weight loss methods and none of them seemed to work,” said Chriss. “I needed something that was going to have more permanent results.”

After talking with Dr. Schuhknecht about her options and hearing success stories from others who had undergone similar procedures, Chriss decided that a gastric sleeve gastrectomy was the right choice for her. This is a procedure that removes 60 to 80 percent of the stomach, forming a sleeve-like shape similar to the size and shape of a banana.

Chriss was pleasantly surprised when she found out her stomach surgery would be performed using the da Vinci® Xi™ system. The da Vinci is a robotic surgery system utilized by highly trained doctors that can enable shorter hospital stays, quicker recoveries, and faster return to normal daily activities for patients. Since Lakeland’s robotic surgery program was launched in 2007, more than 1,000 patients have benefitted from the da Vinci robots.

Earlier in 2014, Dr. Schuhknecht and his team became the first in Michigan to complete a gastric sleeve surgery using the Xi, and Chriss said she felt completely confident going into surgery.

“I truly believe da Vinci is the future of surgery and I could not be more pleased with the results of my procedure,” said Chriss, who had surgery on a Friday, was home the next day, and up walking with ease by Monday. “I am pleased to have been able to fully experience the benefits of this technology and I am convinced that the da Vinci system was designed with the patient in mind.”

Since her procedure, Chriss has lost a total of 30 pounds and continues to meet with Dr. Schuhknecht and the Weight Loss Center staff regularly.

“For me, this procedure wasn’t just about being overweight – it was about serious health concerns for my future,” she said. “I’m so glad I went down this path, and I know that I will continue to experience the results of my surgery for many years to come.”

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